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Asset Depletion

  • Borrowers assets are used to help in DTI qualification (if assets are enough to qualify, tax returns not required)
  • Assets do not need to be withdrawn or pledged to use the income (only 2 months of bank statements are required)
  • Self-employed and W2 borrowers are okay
  • Can be combined with Full Doc income
  • Can be combined with Bank Statement income if assets are from an account not being used for bank statement calculation
  • No age limitations
How to Calculate Monthly Income

The following assets are considered eligible and can be utilized to calculate income:

  • 100% of checking, savings, money market accounts, and cd’s
  • 100% of the value of stocks (must be fully vested) & bonds
  • 100% of retirement assets (if borrower is not of retirement age reduced to 60%)
    If you are unsure about a particular asset, email us.

Down payment, closing costs, and reserves if applicable must be excluded from the balance before calculating income.
Monthly income is: Total Assets divided by 120